Monday, September 19, 2011


Did everyone watch the Emmys last night? I wasn’t really blown away by anyone’s “look”. I did like Lea Michele’s dress though. I’m a sucker for red and I liked the structure of the gown. Gotta love Marchesa!

I was happy to see two of my favorite shows win for best comedy and best drama! Congrats Modern Family and Mad Men!

Now, some people are saying it was the best Emmys ever… What did you think?

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Friday, September 16, 2011

Puddle Jumpin'

Happy Friday!!!

On this drizzly morning in Los Angeles, I find myself looking forward to the rainy days and nights come winter when we can cuddle up by the fireplace with a bottle of red wine and my favorite wine glasses.

I now have another reason to look forward to the rainy season...I got these from Gilt yesterday!

I have a thing for bright boots...they definitely add cheer to a dreary day!

(BTW-did you see? Matthew Williamson on Gilt today! I want everything!!!!!!)

Photo Credit: Gilt

Thursday, September 15, 2011

L.A. Hair Salon

After years in L.A., many haircuts, and skipping around from stylist to stylist (I always left a little disappointed), I have FINALLY found my “home” salon!

I have been to Jazmine three times now and I have always left 100% happy. Ever since my first visit, I have been meaning to tell you about her! Not only does she do a fantastic job, but she’s fun! So if you’re new to L.A. or looking to switch stylists, I highly recommend her.

If you’re interested, here is her website for further information:

P.S. The salon is moving to a new location within Pasadena in October so if you make an appointment, be sure to get the new address. I can’t wait to see her new space!

This is not a sponsored post.

Monday, September 12, 2011


I had such a great night at Fashion's Night Out in Beverly Hills last Thursday! Aside from the people-watching and champagne, here are some other reasons the night was so fun:

When else can you see a Ferris wheel on Rodeo?

And of course there was dancing at Emporio Armani...

And then there were the food trucks.....

And the Gucci Fiat which I just so happened to purchase... (j/k)

Aaaaannd.....the final stop at Crumbs for assorted cupcakes to bring home to share with boyfriend. (I totally got the "cosmo" cupcake to eat while watching SATC....I know....)

AAANNNNND......the best part of all!!!! I found all the items I wanted from the Banana Republic Mad Men collection--all in my size! Of all the items that I was looking for, the store literally had one of each left and everything happened to fit. I couldn't believe it. You know how some shopping trips leave you skipping out of the store? I was that girl...

Did you go out for FNO in your city? What was your favorite event?