Sunday, May 23, 2010


Do you remember how much I liked LC's purse? I wrote about it here. I also featured it here. Anyways, I went to the Rebecca Minkoff sample sale on Friday and guess what I got! Score!!!! I bought it in sapphire with gunmetal colored studs. The sale was in the back of Confederacy in Los Feliz and it was awesome! I really wanted to bring the purse out when I went to The Edison last night, but I have to pre-treat it first.

Well I'm off to finish a DIY project which I'll be posting about soon! I hope you're all having a fantastic weekend! XO

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Treasure Hunting

Last week I went to the Rose Bowl Flea Market in Pasadena.

It was a MUCH better experience than the Antique Expo I wrote about here.

I got some great stuff all for under $80 (including ATM fees and price of admission). I also learned a valuable lesson in vintage purse shopping.

First, I got this gold mesh purse which I love. I call it "the bag by no one" as it does not have a label-just like Carrie's vintage wedding suit in SATC: The Movie!

Next, I got this vintage Furla crossbody.

I also bought this mirror for our apartment. I'm going to paint the frame black.

And last, but not--oh wait--last and definitely least...

In my haste, I thought I scored a vintage Chanel bag. The Cs crossed each other correctly, the logo is on the zipper, and the inside is leather with the gold Chanel stamp. However, once I got home and took a closer look I was disappointed. Aside from missing a serial number, here is the reason I believe it's fake.

See how the area circled doesn't match up with the rest of the row? All authentic Chanel quilt patterns are flawless. Wah-wah.

So when venturing to the flea market, be more careful than I when shopping and hit the ATM before you arrive (the portable ATMs on-site charge ridiculous fees!). I also highly recommend shopping in the eastern part of the country (if you're there of course) as they tend to have more antiques for lower prices. Every industry, including the vintage/antique set, seems to be marked up in LA.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Pasta Ponza

A sample:
Last night I decided to make one of the recipes from my new Giada cookbook.

So I put on some Italian music, poured a glass of vino, and got to work.

Although it was hardly work. It took me 35 minutes to make and it was really easy!

And this made for a fabulous dessert. :)

Mangia tutti!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Last Friday, I had the pleasure of attending Giada's cookbook signing at Williams-Sonoma in Santa Monica. The store is beautiful by the way.

I was so excited to get her new cookbook, Giada at Home. And even more excited to meet her!

She is just as cute and friendly in person as she is on TV. There was a little girl in front of me in line and she knew some of the recipes! She must have been born to be a chef to be so interested in cooking at such a young age. Giada recommended some recipes to her.

I am loving that the new book has recipes from California and Italy and I look forward to making some of the dishes.

I'll be sharing my favorites with you of course. :)

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