Monday, February 21, 2011

Snaps from a Holiday Weekend

And another holiday weekend has come to a close....

My weekend was very balanced...I cleaned, cooked, baked, read, watched movies, and went out.

Friday night was spent cuddling with G. by the fire and watching movies as it poured outside.

Saturday night, we went to the W Hollywood to celebrate a friend's birthday.

Sunday I made these Funfetti cake pops (inspired by my friend, Karen).

And all weekend I enjoyed my new Rebecca Minkoff iPhone case!!!!

What did you do?!

Photo Credits: The Living Room at W Hollywood: All others: L's List.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Triple Threat- Hot Chocolate

I realize that when the temperature is 50-something degrees outside, it's not that at all. But to us in LA, it constitutes a cold winter's day! Today I went out and got some winter rainy day staples: firewood, wine, ingredients for homemade vegetable soup, baking materials--and makings for a great cup of hot chocolate!

Inspired by the amazing "Cocoa Trio" at Seattle's Best, I made a lower-calorie version of one of my favorite treats!

I used:

Powered Hot Chocolate: 80 calories
Whipped Cream (15 calories/2 tbsp): 45 calories
Shaved Chocolate (1 block of Hershey's chocolate shaved with vegetable peeler): 40 calories
Chocolate Stick: 80 calories

Total Calories: 245

(Compared to a small Cocoa Trio at 400 calories)

It came out so good that I made G. one, too! Although I have to admit, it's pretty difficult to mess up chocolate and whipped cream!

Happy Friday!!!!!!

*My Mug (Top): PhiloSophie's

Monday, February 14, 2011

Grammy Favs!

Not to be mean, but most of the red carpet looks at the Grammy Awards scared me this year! However, I thought these ladies looked stunning:

Who were your favs?

Photo credits:

Friday, February 4, 2011

A Quiet Saturday Night in Malibu

Last Saturday, G. and I decided to go to Malibu for dinner and watch the sunset. It was cold and cloudy, but I was thankful to be eating outside rather than shoveling back East!