Friday, May 27, 2011

This is Ladies Day!

Last weekend I had the best "girlie" day! I began with a matinee of Bridesmaids.....

Then went shopping and scored some great deals at LOFT and finally got the glass canisters from Crate&Barrel I've been wanting for the bathroom.Then dinner and a glass (or two) of strawberry Timmermans at Yard House....

and finally a late showing of Something Borrowed.

I REALLY hope they make Something Blue also! (For fellow fans of the books, the movie was pretty true to the book-I was happy with it!)

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Friday, May 6, 2011

One Week Ago......

Thursday Evening-Part II

So after the DailyCandy/Fred Segal event last Thursday evening, I went straight home to begin the Royal Wedding festivities. My boyfriend surprised me and bought me some things to have during the wedding coverage: cosmos, English shortbread biscuits, tea, English muffins, and a slice of wedding cake. He wasn’t into it at all, but I thought it was so sweet of him to pick those up for me knowing how much I was looking forward to this! I watched the Lifetime movie, William and Kate, and then watched the pre-wedding and wedding coverage. I fell asleep around 5am and later woke up and watched the post-wedding coverage. (I was extremely addicted by this point.)

I was trying to figure out why I was so fascinated. William and Kate are a charismatic, interesting couple. And Kate’s fashion choices are fun to follow. But I think what struck me was that it was like watching a real-life Disney fairytale. No, their lives aren’t perfect-but that’s the thing. They are real people with such a special, happy day in their lives. Maybe dreams can come true!

Anyways, I will never stay up all night for a TV special again! It totally threw me off and I was exhausted all week!

So back to fashion….I have loved all of Kate’s outfits surrounding the wedding—especially her “going away” dress and jacket below. Sigh......

(Side note: I got this picture from The Possessionista who also lists where Kate's dress came from...if you've never visited the site, it's a great resource to find out more information on clothes you see on TV. I frequent it to find details about items I see on The Bachelorette and Happy Endings.)

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Recap of the DailyCandy and Fred Segal Event!

I have finally emerged from my exhausted-royal-wedding-haze only to realize I was supposed to tell you about the DailyCandy and Fred Segal event on Friday!!! Staying up all night to watch the wedding definitely set me behind for the weekend. What night Thursday was though!

It started with the check in process at Fred Segal Santa Monica which was quick and efficient. This is where the fabulous gift bags were handed out, which included items like Kate Somerville eye cream, Murad moisturizer, OPI polish, Stila eyeshadow, Smashbox blush and more! Next my friend and I stopped by the Stila area for a quick makeover and then we went to get our nails done by OPI with champagne in hand.

I'm glad I went with green because it looked great with the dress I wore over the weekend!

While walking around Fred Segal, I took note of at least 100 items I'd love to add to my closet. One item we were both intrigued by is this wrinkle prevention pillow....

We had such a great time and I noticed that all the other women in attendance (even the guys!) were having fun also. I'm looking forward to see what kind of specials DailyCandyDeals will be sending us subscribers!