Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Saturday, February 20, 2010

They Rock Luggage

I am speaking of the French.

Lauren Conrad carrying Goyard

Jack Russell Malletier

Louis Vuitton

Need I say more?

Photos (top to bottom):

Friday, February 19, 2010

Fall 2010!

The bad thing about Fashion Week is I get excited for fall clothes in February. I know I can incorporate some looks into my winter wardrobe, but still...I can't wait for fall and we still have spring and summer to get through! Not a good way to think when you're trying to "live in the present". From what I've seen so far of FW, here are some of my favorite looks this year:

Ralph Lauren
Oscar de la Renta
Tommy Hilfiger
Elie Tahari

As you can tell, I have very eclectic tastes! What were some of your favorites?

Photo credits: Ralph Lauren-wwd.com; Oscar de la Renta-nymag.com; Tommy Hilfiger and Elie Tahari-Getty Images.

Monday, February 15, 2010


I had a rough breakup a few years ago. When I started working full-time, I could no longer watch All My Children. It was a lengthy relationship that commenced when I was 3-yrs-old. Actually, I think I began watching it before then, but that's when I start remembering plot lines. I blame AMC for my flair for the dramatic. And it might be why I expect grand romantic gestures from the men I date. Ha!

Today I revisited Pine Valley. Thanks to Presidents' Day and jet lag from a weekend trip, I was plopped in front of the TV this afternoon when it appeared. It sucked me right back in! One of my favorite couples when I used to watch was Ryan & Greenlee. Then she died. But in today's episode she's alive again! Cool! Will she get back with Ryan? I will be DVRing!

Ryan and Greenlee

Photo credit: abc.com

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Night on the Town

I recently moved to a new apartment and will no longer be walking distance to Hollywood & Vine. G. and I said good-bye to the neighborhood by embarking on a little bar tour. If you read L's List regularly, you already know that I do this occasionally in other cities. I can never decide where to go- so why not stop and have a drink at a bunch of places?

First stop was Kitchen 24. It was a cute place, but I was not a fan of the pear martini. Friendly staff. Trendy.

After, we made our way to Essex Public House. Best described as a hipster pub. There were not many people there around 9:30pm, but I hear it gets very crowded later at night.

Next was Geisha House. G.H. was very high-energy and fun. I sipped on a Japanese beer and people-watched. Restaurant meets night club (although I did not see a dance floor).
And you'll never guess where we went for last call! Yes, back to Dillon's (already featured here).I hope you all are having a great weekend and have fun at your Superbowl parties!

Photos: kitchen24.info, essexhollywood.com, L's List :)

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Happy Groundhog Day!

Awww...the groundhog saw his shadow today so it's another six weeks of winter! On a positive note, it's another six weeks to wear cozy sweaters and cuddle by the fireplace. :)

Photo credit: thisoldhouse.com

Monday, February 1, 2010

Grammy Favorite

How is everyone? I was moving this weekend and was not online, but I'm back with my pick for best dressed at the Grammy Awards.

My pick: Fergie.

Fergie's fun, mega-glam look is perfect for a music industry awards show. I really love every detail from the hair to the accessories. Gorgeous!

Runner-up: Taylor Swift

Although I tend to prefer less formal ensembles for the Grammy Awards, I also really like Taylor Swift's look...classic!

Photos by:

John Shearer
Lester Cohen (Taylor Swift)
as found on omg! from yahoo.