Saturday, December 6, 2008

San Diego

I went to San Diego and La Jolla last Saturday. If traffic behaves itself, it's possible to make the trip in a little over 90 min. I definitely did not see as much as I would've liked, but I had a blast.

First I hung out at the pool with my friends at the Hyatt La Jolla. I relaxed in the hot tub and went swimming (the temperatures are mild at this time of's comfortable enough to swim in a heated pool...I was glad to have my Uggs handy once I got out :) ).

After an afternoon of kicking back, we took a drive through San Diego. The hills are amazing...the homes twinkle like stars! Gorgeous. Then we stopped to have a drink at a beachy New Zealand-themed bar named Bare Back Grille. It's a block from the water on Mission Blvd. I really liked the atmosphere-it was a fun place to try a new beer.

Next, I had dinner back in La Jolla at The Melting Pot. It was my first time having fondue (I know! Right?! I'm a little behind.). I'm not a fan, BUT the dessert was awesome. How could it not be? Check out the pic. I will definitely be back....

As you can see, I didn't do much sight-seeing. However, it was the perfect day trip and much recommended if you're checking out So-Cal!

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briannelee said...

Yay! You made your first comment :)

I have never had fondue before, but I want to try it!