Sunday, September 20, 2009

Ahhh....goal setting. I had shared my goals for last week with you. How did I do? Just ok.

I brought my lunch to work everyday. Hurray!

I remembered to take my vitamins and supplements most of the time. Yea!

I exercised 1/3 of the time I said I would (i.e. once)! Err....

I did not try a new recipe. Oops!

So I'm going to do this again-but succeed.

I am also beginning a new budget. Many changes going on here, but positive ones! :)

What kind of goals are you all working on presently?


briannelee said...

I need to start saving money and I need to get serious about it. Maybe I should cut up or hide my credit cards?

Trying 1 new recipe a week is a good idea.

L. said...

That's what I did (cutting up the cards)...except one for emergencies of course ;)

Liz said...

I have similar goals to yours. I have been cooking more, not eating out for lunch, and my desk has four different vitamins on it (Calcium, multi, A/D, and B-complex). I am determined to lose 15 pounds- ideally by the end of the year or when I hopefully get to see you around the holidays! : )