Friday, February 18, 2011

Triple Threat- Hot Chocolate

I realize that when the temperature is 50-something degrees outside, it's not that at all. But to us in LA, it constitutes a cold winter's day! Today I went out and got some winter rainy day staples: firewood, wine, ingredients for homemade vegetable soup, baking materials--and makings for a great cup of hot chocolate!

Inspired by the amazing "Cocoa Trio" at Seattle's Best, I made a lower-calorie version of one of my favorite treats!

I used:

Powered Hot Chocolate: 80 calories
Whipped Cream (15 calories/2 tbsp): 45 calories
Shaved Chocolate (1 block of Hershey's chocolate shaved with vegetable peeler): 40 calories
Chocolate Stick: 80 calories

Total Calories: 245

(Compared to a small Cocoa Trio at 400 calories)

It came out so good that I made G. one, too! Although I have to admit, it's pretty difficult to mess up chocolate and whipped cream!

Happy Friday!!!!!!

*My Mug (Top): PhiloSophie's


briannelee said...

Love the Sophie mug :)

Kristin said...

I can go for hot cocoa pretty much any time!

Liz said...

Love the mug! Can you make me one of those hot chocolates when I am in town next? : )