Sunday, February 1, 2009


Do get a massage! I spent my Saturday morning relaxing at the Massage Therapy Center Day Spa in West LA. I loved the lounge! You can enjoy a eucalyptus steam and shower before or after your treatment. Plus, free parking is available which is a treat in LA.

And there's just something about those spa robes that make you feel soooooo ahhhhh......

check out the sales at your local mall. Later that afternoon, I stepped out feeling refreshed for a little shopping. I got a cute sweater at Ann T Loft. They were having 50% off sale items. I also purchased a couple of the super-soft long sleeved Ts from the Gap (2/$30). I love how cozy they feel! If you need any short-sleeved Ts, they had a sale 3/$25. It's always nice to find things that are within your budget.

I also got some pillow mist from BBW in the lavender chamomile scent. It's supposed to help you sleep. I'll let you know how it works.

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