Tuesday, May 5, 2009

CHANEL No. 5 Day

Chanel? Audrey Tautou? Tell me more!

Today is Chanel No. 5 Day in NYC! How cool is that?!

Coco Chanel is such an inspiration and I love that there is a day to celebrate the house she created. No. 5 Day also celebrates the premiere of Chanel's short film, Train de Nuit, which stars No. 5 itself and Audrey Tautou (and you all know I'm a big fan!) Check out the film here.

In recognition of No. 5 Day, one of my favorite bloggers, Jessica, wore this Chanel-inspired outfit. I think it's perfect and she looks adorable.

Check out her full blog post at What I Wore.

So make sure you wear your tweed and pearls when going out for margaritas tonight. ;)

Happy No. 5 Day and Cinco de Mayo!

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