Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Favorite Boston Bars

During my trip to Beantown, I was able to hang out at my favorite summer bar, Tia's. Tia's is right on the waterfront by the North End. There is always a ton of good-looking young professionals enjoying the weather after a winter snowed in. It's the perfect place to sip a Blue Moon or Corona and really take in the scenery. The appetizers are good, although I would not go for dinner (it's too crowded and loud to have a relaxing meal). Generally, it has a really invigorating vibe.
Warning: lines can be long if you go late.


The Bell-in-Hand Tavern ("America's oldest, continuously, operating tavern" and my sisters' fav)
The Black Rose (fantastic Irish bar)
Whiskey Park (swanky, fun atmosphere, great cocktails)
Eastern Standard (also a great lounge for drinks)
Game On (best place to go to get in the mood before or after a Sox game-also a fun place to watch the game if you don't have said tix ;) )

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Anonymous said...

I love Eastern Standard. I'm really looking forward to getting a drink there when I go back in June.