Monday, January 18, 2010

And It All Begins...

This year began with so much promise and possibility. There just seems so much to be excited about... big events like moving into a new place (I move in 2 weeks!) to the little things like seeing The Lovely Bones, A Single Man, the new season of 24, and new shows like Parenthood, Life Unexpected, and Human Target. We get to find out which gal Jake picks. My goodreads "to read" list is almost 80! And let's not forget the Winter Olympics and Red Carpet/Award show season!

Speaking of the latter, did anyone catch the Golden Globes last night? Almost all my picks won awards. As for the fashion side, these were my favorites:

Penelope Cruz in Giorgio Armani Prive
Courteney Cox in Victoria Beckham Collection

Normally I gravitate toward color, but last night these black numbers were my stand-outs!

Favorite quote of the night: "I've in my long career played so many extraordinary women that basically I'm getting mistaken for one and... I'm very clear about the fact that I'm a vessel for other people's stories and other women's lives."- Meryl Streep

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briannelee said...

I love Meryl Streep!

Courtney's earrings were really pretty.