Thursday, January 14, 2010

Whoa, Heidi

Dear Fellow Watchers-of-The-Hills:

Can you believe the news about Heidi? 10 plastic surgeries in 1 day? I guess you can see the pictures and read the full story in People on Friday. While I certainly don't judge her for having all that work done, I really wish she would lay off for medical reasons! It just seems like a lot to put your body through-and high risk. She is beautiful as is in my opinion.

One report on the radio said that she had the surgeries in order to perfect her look before her album drops. I heard some samples of the tracks from the self-produced album this morning. I think it sounds like anything else these days-not in a bad way. It's like dance music/over-produced pop. Has anyone else heard any of the songs?

I totally went on a tangent, but my point is finally here.....I think it's great that she's making things happen for herself. Producing your own album is definitely taking control of your career which I admire!

Have a good day!

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briannelee said...

She was a lot prettier before all her plastic surgery!