Monday, February 1, 2010

Grammy Favorite

How is everyone? I was moving this weekend and was not online, but I'm back with my pick for best dressed at the Grammy Awards.

My pick: Fergie.

Fergie's fun, mega-glam look is perfect for a music industry awards show. I really love every detail from the hair to the accessories. Gorgeous!

Runner-up: Taylor Swift

Although I tend to prefer less formal ensembles for the Grammy Awards, I also really like Taylor Swift's look...classic!

Photos by:

John Shearer
Lester Cohen (Taylor Swift)
as found on omg! from yahoo.


Brandi said...

Oh, you have such good taste. I love how modern Fergie's dress was. And Taylor's -- she just looked so perfectly classic.

Kristin said...

LOVED Taylor. She was just glowing. Such a gorgeous dress!