Sunday, October 4, 2009

Would you wear a chicken hat?

I had a pretty random weekend. Friday night I went out to one of my favorite LA bars, The Edison. It used to be a power plant and the bar's decor still reflects its origin. Copper piping and "generators" are seen throughout. It is really a gorgeous place. They have great entertainment and play old movies on the walls. Friday evenings from 5-7pm they offer complimentary grilled cheese and tomato soup and serve their Friday signature drinks for 35 cents (one per person).

Saturday night, G. and I went to Torrance to the Alpine Village for Oktoberfest. We sat down with the standard pretzel and beer and listened to the band play. I was disappointed because the shops were closed so we'll definitely have to go back to check those out! It gets crowded, so I recommend going early. Fridays and Saturdays are 21+. Everyone was very excited to be there and it definitely got a little rowdier as the night progressed! Many wore chicken hats as you'll see below. They are to wear during the chicken dance, a popular dance at Oktoberfest celebrations in the U.S.

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briannelee said...

It looks like you had a fun weekend! I love grilled cheese and tomato soup!