Friday, July 23, 2010

Sweating with Richard Simmons

Last night I had SO much fun. Today, I am SO sore. Guess what I did!

I took an aerobics class with Richard Simmons at his studio in Beverly Hills!

The Slimmons website sums it all up best here.

I did not take any pictures this time, but I will post some in the future. I left feeling energized and highly motivated. I go to the gym regularly and this was one of the best workouts I've ever had (physically and mentally). And it helps that the music was great, too.

I highly recommend it. If you go, be sure to bring a large towel, plenty of water, and a smile!


Brandi said...

I love how 80s this is -- I can imagine what fun it must have been. What did you DO in the workout? I'm so curious.

Kristin said...

OMG, you MUST take pics next time!!

briannelee said...

I miss our exercise classes w/ Little Louie and his tiny shoes ;)

L. said...

We did aerobics first which had forms of dancing and stretching, followed by weights, abs, and a spiritual pep talk as the closer. Lots of variety!