Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Hiatus is Over!

So Gossip Girl and One Tree Hill have returned from a hiatus….and so have I! It’s been a crazy time, but I’m back now. Here’s what I’ve been up to if you missed me!

I got to take a few days away from work and physical therapy appointments to go to Cape Cod, MA for Brianne’s Wedding!
(I was the Maid of Honor and I got to help design my dress!)

I saw an excellent production of Othello at the Powerhouse Theatre in Santa Monica, CA.

My local Border’s closed (sad face). However, I did stock up on some summer reading at 70% off. I need a break from library books. (Side-note: One book I didn’t get, but will be a must-read this summer is the new Sweet Valley High! I owe it to the 11 yr old me to see what happened to Jessica and Elizabeth!)

...And finally catching up on the fourth season of Mad Men!

Photo Credits (top to bottom): Wedding Day photo-L's List,
Othello, Sweet Valley Confidential

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briannelee said...

I def want to read that book too :)