Friday, April 22, 2011

Visiting Hours

Last weekend, I stopped by the mall to make a return (fell off the shopping wagon…again). While I was there, I decided to visit some items on my “want” list. I find that just looking at or holding items I’m lusting after can bring some satisfaction even if I’m not buying them. Strange, yes? But it works! One rule is I don’t try anything on I know I’m not going to buy. I don’t like wasting the store’s resources or the staff’s time.

These are some of the items I "visited":

Michael Kors Watch ($154 on amazon!)

Oops…..while I was looking for a photo of the watch above, I fell for this one, too! I have problems…

Michael Kors Watch ($128.88 on amazon)

Dress at Banana Republic


Royal Albert Tea Set at Macy's

(prices vary)

Marc by Marc Jacobs Bag at Bloomingdale's


Fresh Sugar Lip Polish $22.50

(I heard this lip polish is fantastic, but my current budget is encouraging me to find DIY beauty methods. I made a great lip scrub at home which I'll share with you in an upcoming post!)

What is currently on your "want" list?

Photo Credits: MK, Tortoise MK, BR, Tea, Marc by Macr Jacobs, Fresh Lip

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briannelee said...

I want a new purse for Spring/summer and also some colorful jewelry.