Friday, March 6, 2009

Checkin' the mail.....

So....I have been loving getting my mail lately! Every day I have a new surprise. Today, I received a gift from Brianne. Isn't this so cute?! And how thoughtful....

Speaking of mail...I'm going to make sure the good stuff keeps coming! First, I'm going to sign up at Postcrossing. According to their site:
[t]he goal of this project is to allow people to receive postcards from all over the world, for free. Well, almost free! The main idea is that: if you send a postcard, you will receive at least one back from a random Postcrosser from somewhere in the world.-Postcrossing
Bri already received one from a girl in Iceland! I'll let you know if it works out for me.

Second, (thanks to a post by Jessica) I just purchased a one year subscription to Glamour for $1.50! They are having a promotion to celebrate their 70th anniversary (they are charging the same as they did back in 1939). Tell your friends!

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briannelee said...

Yay! I am glad you like it. Maybe you can use it next weekend in LV ;)