Sunday, March 15, 2009

Las Vegas

Hello! I just dragged myself in from my trip to Vegas. Although I had been there a few times before I had forgotten two things: 1) it is so easy to be “VIP” if you're a girl. With no effort or connections, I skipped the lines at the clubs and rarely paid for drinks (and no, it wasn't because a guy was buying); 2) always have exact change when taking a cab. The cab drivers often claim they do not have change (even for small bills). Shady....

If you want to avoid taking cabs altogether, there is a shuttle from the airport to the strip for $6. Also, there is a monorail that runs between the different hotels and casinos that is easily navigated. For those of you who haven't been, there is so much more to do than just gamble. New York, New York has a rollercoaster. The Venetian has gondola rides. The MGM Grand has lions (who needs a zoo?). There are a ton of shows and concerts, etc, etc....

This trip I stayed at Paris which is centrally located on the new strip. Over the course of the weekend, I checked out other casinos, toured the shops at The Venetian and Caesar's Palace, laid out by the pool, went to a few clubs, and saw Cirque du Soleil's O (which I highly recommend). Here's the wrap up of this weekend's favorites:

Favorite Shop: Dooney and Bourke at The Venetian. Random, but great layout and so colorful you must pop in...and they're having a sale. To check out online specials, click here.

Favorite Over-the-Top Drink: The Eiffel Tower at Paris. For approx. $15 you get a huge Eiffel Tower-shaped plastic drinking contraption [ :) ] filled with a margarita or a daquiri. You'll see people nursing these all day. I would recommend splitting one.

Favorite Club: The Bank at the Bellagio. Smaller than some of the other clubs, this venue is friendly, has a great DJ, and was just a great time. Try to see if you can get a spot on the walkway on the 2nd floor...great view and more dancing room.

Favorite Song of the Weekend: “Poker Face” by Lady Gaga.

Favorite Casino: Paris-but I'm biased because my sister and I both won $ there!

Favorite Buffet: The Champagne Brunch at the Bellagio. $23 for brunch, $28 for brunch plus champagne. Delicious and fills you for the day (not healthy I know!). Go early, as the line gets looong.

Favorite Sound: The sound of the slot's the sound that welcomes you as there are slot machines at the airport. And I love it when someone wins and they go crazy.

Favorite Men: Chippendales.

Favorite Ladies: Go-go dancers. How do they dance all night?

and last but not least...well actually....Least Favorite Restaurant: Ah Sin at Paris. I decided to go against my decision to refrain from writing negative things, but I need to warn you all. The service was HORRIBLE from the hostess to the management. It really put a damper on the beginning of the evening.

Other than that, it was a fabulous weekend!!!

Pictures: Paris, The Venetian (replica of St. Mark's Square)

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