Sunday, October 11, 2009

Meet Your New BFF!

We all know what BFF stands for....but today I'm introducing it as Budget-Friendly Fun! Many people like myself are pinching pennies these days and just because I'm on a budget, does not mean I will stop having fun! So as I find new wallet-friendly ways to go out I will share them with you and mark them "BFF".

Here is our first addition:

The Museum.

Many museums nationwide have special events or days when they have free admission. I know The Met has free film screenings and the MFA in Boston has "Free Community Days," days you get in for free. Last night, G. and I checked out Saturdays Off the 405 at The Getty in Los Angeles. If you arrive after 5pm, parking/admission is free and you can attend the outdoor concert. The event offers a cash bar and BEAUTIFUL views of the city. I tried my best to take a good picture, but it was so much more breathtaking in person. This was one of our favorite outings we've had. I highly recommend you check out your local museums to see what events they have to offer, too!


briannelee said...

Fun! You need to come visit my museum next time you are home :)

Anonymous said...

Love the BFF tag. Can't wait to read more!